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27 January 2017

Rustenburg – Tragedy struck Rustenburg with two rape cases reported to the Rustenburg Police. Both took place during broad daylight. 

In the first case, a 13-year old girl was walking home past the Wildevy Shopping Complex in Protea Park on Saturday afternoon, 21 January 2017 at approximately 14h30 the afternoon. The minor’s home was just a couple of street blocks away.

According to Captain Elsabé Augoustides, police spokesperson, the girl was preoccupied with her cell phone and never realised she was being followed by two unknown African males.

When one of the perpetrators grabbed her from behind, her first thought was that someone was making a joke. Soon she realised the two men wanted to harm her.

“The 13-year old girl fainted when one of the suspects started to strangle her. He also covered her mouth preventing her from screaming for help,” Captian Augoustides said. “The suspect threw her to the ground while the second suspect started to undress her on the pavement between the residential houses and raped her.”

The minor’s cell phone was stolen after the horrendous attack.

The traumatized child could not give a clear indication as to whether or not both of the perpetrators raped her. After the ordeal, she was utterly shocked and screamed for help. Her mother heard her screaming and came running.

The child collapsed in front of her house. Neighbours came running and tried to help find the attackers, but they had already fled the scene.

“In another incident, a 54-year old female was walking towards the Safari Spar, when she was also grabbed by two men, and raped in more or less the same area a few days earlier,” Captian Augoustides said.

The Police are appealing to residents of the Protea Park and immediate vicinity to be extremely cautious and to warn their children. Teenagers and women should be on high alert and should shout as loud as they can in a distress situation.

At this stage, it is believed that the same two men are to blame for the rape incidents. They are described as two young African males, in their twenties. One suspect was wearing a navy blue hat with brown leather tokens dangling from the hat. The second suspect was wearing a yellow t-shirt.

The Police are investigating both incidents. If anyone has any information please come forward or contact your closest Police station.

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