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27 January 2017

Rustenburg – Various cases of  Rabies have been diagnosed in the Rustenburg area during the past three years. The most recent being the Olifantsnek case where a dog tested positive for rabies on 11 January 2017.

Symptoms: Rabies affects the nervous system and is fatal for infected animals and humans already showing symptoms. It causes abnormal behaviour e.g. a wild animal can seem overly tame or even display other abnormal behaviour such as storming a vehicle or even entering a house. Dogs (and cats especially) that have been infected are prone to acting extremely aggressive and excessive salivation is frequently seen. Symptoms in cattle can include paralysis, excessive salivation, straining (as if to defecate), bellowing more than usual or fear of water and aggression.

How is it transmitted? Rabies is transmitted in saliva through a bite wound and can also be transmitted if saliva comes into contact with open wounds or broken skin. The excessive salivation in infected cattle can be misleading as many people confuse it with a foreign object stuck in the throat of the animal. DO NOT under any circumstances try and inspect the animal’s mouth. Always avoid coming into direct contact with any animals showing Rabies-like symptoms. Contact your local vet or the State Vet.

Vaccine available? R50 per vaccine! There is a vaccine available for Rabies and in our area. Dogs and cats should initially get two (2) vaccines and thereafter every three years.

All the vets in Rustenburg and Buffelspoort area have decided to launch a joint operation in combating this dreaded disease. Up until the end of February, all below mentioned vets will be vaccinating dogs and cats for R50 per Rabies vaccine. It will include proof of vaccination but NOT a clinical examination.

Please feel free to contact your nearest vet for further advice and to  make an appointment for your vaccination.

Veearts Kontak Nommer
Aran Veterinary Clinic: 014-592 6007
Dr Allan Hislop: 083-691 7275
Bergbos Animal Clinic: 014-533 1959
Kloofsig Animal Clinic: 014-533 2404
Pet Passion Animal Care: 081-595 4231 (Buffelspoort)
Zinniaville Veterinary Clinic 014-538 2114
Dr Marelie Olivier: 014-544 0889 (State Vet: Swartruggens)
Dr Johan van der Merwe: 014-592 9281 (State Vet: Rustenburg)

Information supplied by Dr. Newton Sparks, Rustenburg  

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