Submission of Pre-qualifying Tenders for the Treatment of Slag


16 March 2017

Processing and Recovering of Metal from the Existing Slag Dump

Interested parties are invited to submit their company profiles and the additional information (as listed below) for consideration by Glencore Wonderkop Smelter as part of a tender process. The tender process is in respect of the processing of the Slag Dump to recover the remaining entrapped metal.
Slag produced as a byproduct in the ferrochrome process is processed utilising Metal Extraction Plants. The processed slag is dumped on a slag stockpile
(See figure 1).

Figure 1: Photo of the current slag storage area

It is required to re-process the slag to extract the remaining metal as a saleable product. The proposed contract will include the reclaiming from the current slag dump, processing to extract the metal and dumping the remaining slag on a alternative approved storage area.

The current slag dump consists of a < 30mm crushed slag product. It is estimated that there is approximately 1.5-2.0% metal in the slag and it is expected that more than 85% of the metal should be recovered. Currently, the volume of slag on the dump is estimated at 10 million tonnes.

The process employed should be capable of extracting the metal from the slag and produce a product containing less than 2.5% slag in the final product.

The slag dump must be processed within a maximum period of 8 years.

The companies with the acceptable profiles/credentials, which adhere to the pre-qualification standards as specified below, will be formally invited to participate in a tender process.

Company profiles must include the following:

  • Company history
  • Current clientele/list of current projects (detailed description of the current largest active contract)
  • Company organogram
  • Indication that the company has the necessary competent resources to execute and manage the project
  • Company’s cash-flow analysis or financial statements for the past 3 years (proof of the Company’s financial capability to execute this project)
  • Proof of existing Quality & Assurance/Procedures/Quality Control Plan & associated Quality Control Documents
  • Documented Health & Safety Plan
  • Company HSEC organogram with basic legal appointments for Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Company’s HSEC baseline risk assessments and hazard identification programme
  • Description of the company’s shareholding structure and BEE status (certificate from SANAS-accredited verification agency)
  • Details regarding any litigation pending between the applicant and existing clients
  • Any ISO accreditation and/or similar accreditation

If the company does not comply with all or any of the above requirements, please clearly indicate how the above requirements will be met.

No faxed/electronic or late submissions will be accepted.

The closing date and time for submission of company profiles is Thursday, 16 March 2017 at 12:00.

Company profiles must be submitted, in writing, in a sealed envelope, marked with the tender name, tender number, tender administrator’s name, closing date and time.

Submissions must be in duplicate in the tender box at the Main Admin Building of the Glencore Wonderkop Plant, Marikana, North West Province.

Enquiries: George Cato, Procurement Coordinator, Wonderkop Smelter,
tel. (014) 572-0000, direct: (014) 572-0379 or fax: 086 743 1499 or e-mail: george.cato@glencore.co.za