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15 June 2018

Rustenburg – Young minds at a local pre-school are being prepared early to tackle food security and sustainable living through an ambitious garden project.

South Africa’s erratic rainfall patterns coupled with unseasonal high temperatures and a growing population have been the dilemma facing the agricultural sector for some time.

However, the Rustenburg Early Learning Centre (RELC) has seen the need to plant the seed early in the minds of the children as they learn best from seeing, touching and doing, a statement issued by the institution said.

RELC food is being grown in a vertical garden which is equivalent to a 3x3 metre plot of land and houses 64 plants.

The philosophy at RELC is that children learn best from seeing, touching and doing. Planting, watering, watching the growth of plants and eating food off-the-vine while learning about the nutritional benefits of individual plants is a revelation for many children.

RELC is registered with the internationally acclaimed WESSA Eco-Schools programme, to keep abreast of the latest in education for sustainable development.

To find out more about the experiential learning offered at RELC, contact Zakkiyah on 082-443 2014 or Joanne on 072-595 7989.

Future fresh food producers… Back from left: Haomin, Gogotle, Andiswa, and Ephraim. Sitting from left: Rodas, Arsalan, Jonathan and DJ.


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