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29 May 2020

South Africa – Now in its 15th campaign, the Santa Shoebox Project has touched the lives of 957,297 underprivileged children in South Africa and Namibia. With annual reach extending to up to 100,000 children, the project will be receiving and handing out its 1,000,000th shoeboxe this year!

To commemorate this magnificent achievement, private donations have been accruing to make a significant difference to the impoverished communities in which Santa Shoebox beneficiary children live.

What better time than right now, in the throes of COVID-19, to alleviate suffering and uplift lives in the hardest-hit areas of South Africa? Santa Shoebox founder Irené Pieters has extended project funding to organisations doing meaningful work in line with United Nations (UN) Sustainability Development Goals.

Said Pieters: “Santa Shoebox goes to great lengths to find and serve rural children, who do not receive aid from either government or large non-profit organisations (NPOs). During these uncertain times, the children and their families suffer the same devastating effects as those living in the urban parts of the country. Much of what is being done right now in response to COVID-19 is a relief, not a solution. We balanced our donations to address both the preserving of lives and livelihoods.”

For detailed information about each donation, please visit the Santa Shoebox Project Facebook page. You can also email:

The Santa Shoebox continues to change the lives of many children.


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