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21 November 2023

Rustenburg - On Friday 3 November 2023 Platinum Weekly was given a unique opportunity to shadow an emergency responder for a day at Eagle Trauma Rescue. This experience revealed the extensive behind-the-scenes efforts and the extraordinary energy required to serve as a lifesaving guardian angel.

Eagle Trauma Rescue’s preparedness extends to their fleet. As Eagle Trauma Rescue emergency responder Natie Fourie, who accompanied Gerber and Madeley, explained, “Our ambulances are tailored for different emergencies. The one we’re using today is an ICU ambulance, equipped with advanced monitoring and ventilating equipment for severe cases.

At the emergency scene, the team’s professionalism and assertiveness were immediately evident. They swiftly assessed the situation and provided the necessary medical care with a calm efficiency that belied the urgency of their work.

Reflecting on her experience, Gerber highlighted the emotional and psychological resilience required in this line of work. “Emergency responders operate in a high-energy environment where focus and psychological stamina are essential. The scenes they encounter can be heartbreaking, and the harsh reality is that despite their best efforts, not all can be saved. Their dedication, often unseen by the public, is truly commendable. They are unsung heroes, facing challenges with courage and determination every day”. 

Gerber’s day with Eagle Trauma Rescue offered a glimpse into the lives of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to emergencies, proving that they are indeed heroes in every sense of the word. 

For emergency assistance, 
contact Eagle Trauma Rescue on 0861 789 911.

Photo: Eagle Trauma Rescue basic ambulance assistant Reynhard Venter on his way out. 

From left: Eagle Trauma Rescue special projects manager Reyno Dempers, Eagle Trauma Rescue emergency responder Natie Fourie, Eagle Trauma Rescue basic ambulance assistants Given Kgosana and Mpho Ranta, Platinum Weekly journalist Cayla Gerber, Eagle Trauma Rescue Rustenburg operational manager Johan Buys, and Eagle Trauma Rescue general manager Wentzel Dippenaar. 
Eagle Trauma Rescue basic ambulance assistant Reynhard Venter.
Eagle Trauma Rescue basic ambulance assistant Thabo Mokwele in an ICU ambulance.


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